File Storage

If an application needs to persist files, Azure (File) Storage should be used.
Azure Storage platform is Microsoft’s cloud storage solution for modern data storage scenarios. Core storage services offer a massively scalable object store for data objects, a file system service for the cloud, a messaging store for reliable messaging, and a NoSQL store.

  • Azure Blobs: A massively scalable object store for text and binary data.
  • Azure Files: Managed file shares for cloud or on-premises deployments.
  • Azure Queues: A messaging store for reliable messaging between application components.
  • Azure Tables: A NoSQL store for schema-less storage of structured data.

To easily consume Azure Storage functionality, connect to the NuGet feed in the Artifacts section of Azure DevOps and download the shared client library “Shared.FileStorageServices”. This shared library also allows developers to work with the Azure Storage emulated when developing locally. This storage library also can be configured to use standard local and network file storage using System.IO behind the scenes instead of the Azure Storage provider.

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